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I'm looking for a way to do template inheritance to a group of .html files I have.

Let's say I have a base.html file which has the common HTML for all pages of my website, i.e. header, footer, etc. . Each page, including the main (index) page, needs to inherit from this template HTML file.

Now, this is doable on the server-side using Django's Jinja template langauge. But this is not a good solution for me. My HTML pages are stored remotely and I have no control over the server storing them. This must be done client-side, with or without JavaScript.

Somebody asked about this before, and the only half-baked solution I found was to use Mustache's partials, which doesn't really do the job.

Does anybody know of a way to do this on the client-side?

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1. Yes, with Dustjs you can "have a template inherit the bulk of its content from a common base template".

Check out the Dustjs docs, here: Dustjs, the "Blocks and Inline Partials" section.

(I posted an answer to a related question, here: )

2. There's also some work in progress on adding template inheritance to Handlebars, see another answer of mine to "the other version" of this question:

It links to this GitHub issue:, and this blog post: Template Inheritance for Handlebars

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I just released this for the same purpose:

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why script tags? – Neutralizer Jun 8 '13 at 15:59

Jade offers full template inheritance:

In addition to overriding a block entirely, you can also append or prepend content to a block. Here is an example hijacked from the documentation:

Define a base template in layout.html:

    h1 My Site - #{title}
    block scripts
    block content
    block foot
        p some footer content

Append some script tags and replace the content section in content.html:

extends layout

block append head

block content
    block sidebar
      p nothing
    block primary
      p nothing
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jQuery Template have a {{wrap}} template tag which can be used for this.

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I don't think this allows template inheritance, just the same behaviour like Mustache's partials. Are you sure about that? – Ory Band Aug 11 '11 at 18:56

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