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I am a beginner of web programming trying to learn things. I am currently working on my own website where i am in need of live steaming for my friends and family. I have a Video Camera for capturing video. I want to get live stream on my website. I am capable to get the output on screen but i don't know how i can make my site able to live stream. My first question is whether it is possible? if yes then how i can achieve this goal. Any help regarding to my question will be appreciated highly. Thanks to the community of all web programmers.

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I suggest using a 3rd party streaming site like livestream.com, ustream.tv, or justin.tv since streams will eat up a lot of bandwidth, especially if you have a lot of watchers.

They will typically allow you to embed a flash video onto a web page to seamlessly integrate with your site.

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Thanks tskuzzy for your help. if these resources are trustworthy. As i will only allow my registered users to view the live streaming. I have unlimited bandwidth so i think there will be no any issue of bandwidth. Is there any direct method of live streaming? –  john Aug 10 '11 at 17:25
Even if it was "unlimited", your throughput is likely not high enough. Your server would be using ~400 kbs per user. –  tskuzzy Aug 10 '11 at 17:29

Yes you can stream on website using livestream.com or youtube.com there are tons of software available in the market of this like Deezer, eMusic, gogoyoko, Grooveshark, iLike, Justin.tv (Allows to produce and watch live streaming video.), Live365 you can use them to solve your purpose..!!

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