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When I click 'debug' [play] on my mvc in visual studio I want it to go to the root of the application,then my controller kicks in however its going directly to a .aspx page and then throwing an error. How do I get it to go to the root?

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Good question this has been bugging me too. Especially when using areas because the path is always incorrect when you press F5 and you get a 404 run time.. –  Ryan Sampson Aug 10 '11 at 18:30

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You can specify what controller starts when launching from the Project settings "Web" tab. This can be accessed by right-clicking the project root and then selecting Properties, or alternatively by pressing Alt-Enter on your keyboard. If you leave the specific page blank, it should load the root. Otherwise, you can specify the Controller to start as well (ie. ControllerName/OtherRouteText/Etc) so that it looks similar to the actual route you would like to start.

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Cool okay what I did was just open this click 'Current Page' then click back to it then save and my default route worked again, cheers! –  Exitos Aug 10 '11 at 19:17

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