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I created maven project with command line:

mvn archetype:generate 

Then I opened it in Intellij Idea 10.5, and received some errors from Maven Model Inspector:

  • Cannot resolve directory ''${webappDirectory}'' (at line 59)
  • Cannot resolve directory 'WEB-INF' (at line 59)
  • Cannot resolve file 'classes' (at line 59)

In spite of this the project compile and run normally. What is this?

Part of my pom.xml:

    <!-- Generate compiled stuff in the folder used for developing mode -->
. . .
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in the beginning of your pom.xml file in the properties section there should be this tag:


That's where the ${webappDirectory} "variable" is defined. When you place the cursor over the text inside the brackets and press ctrl + q, you will see a small explanation for the variables (Intellj Idea specific)

${project.build.directory} = Model Property project.build.directory: ${project.basedir}/target
${project.build.finalName} = Model Property project.build.finalName: ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}

<outputDirectory>...</outputDirectory> configures where the compiled classes are put (As the comment above your snippet already says).

Have a look into your projectDir/target directory. But I can't tell you what this means for development mode.

Btw. i've put <!--suppress MavenModelInspection --> above <outputDirectory> to get rid of the red mark in the editor.

Whoops, that seems to be a pretty old question :) Guess you already know!


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