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I want a ffmpeg command to make a video out of x images with a y sec pause between frame change, so that one can actually see the image. Something like the below command seems close based on what I've read, but I can find out how to add the pause that I want..

ffmpeg -f image2 -i img%01d-0.jpg -y test.mpg

Any idea how to add the pause?

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One solution would be setting the input framerate to frames per second, and then manually setting the output framerate to something accepted by the codec. For example:

ffmpeg -f image2 -r 1 -i img%01d-0.jpg -y -r 25 test.mpg

This would lead to every image to be shown for one second. -r 0.5 would mean 2 seconds and so on.

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so the first frame appears to be there but only for a few ms and it can't be seen when playing the video real time because it's gone so fast. – ztatic Aug 10 '11 at 18:26
ok things seem better when I make a copy of the first image and make that img0.jpg it kind of sucks to have to make a copy of the first frame though.. – ztatic Aug 10 '11 at 18:34
Interesting - it seems to omit this for the first frame. A workaround would be adding -itsoffset [seconds] before the -i, as this seems to do the trick for the first frame too. – Kray Aug 10 '11 at 18:37

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