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Using SSL in an iPhone App - Export Compliance

I am going to upload an iPhone app to the app store which uses REST webservice. I am using ASIHTTPRequest for making connection to the server and get datas. The following are the things to note

  1. URL starts with "https"
  2. [request setValidatesSecureCertificate:NO] (When set to yes, I am only getting SSL error messages.)

Should I say my app supports encryption while submitting to the app store?

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I'm not sure from the description whether you are setting up an SSL tunnel successfully or just transferring a certificate for site authentication.

In either case, you should probably call the Department of Commerce / Bureau of Industry and Security help desk at 202-482-0707 and get some guidance about what, if any, export restrictions would apply.

There is also a web site at http://www.bis.doc.gov/encryption

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You only need to explicitly say your app "supports encryption" is your app uses some other form of encryption that what Apple provides in public API:s.

Using NSURLRequest with a https address is a public API, and no extra work needed on your part.

If you compile and bundle OpenSSL into your app yourself… well that is a completely different story and you are into allot of extra work.

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You can find the actual (burdensome, unreasonable, ineffective and confusing) regulations on the Bureaucratic Industry Suppression (BIS) website: bis.doc.gov/encryption/question4.htm –  Razick Sep 24 '12 at 12:34
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