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I am using a technology called DDS and in the IDL, it does not support int. So, I figured I would just use short. I don't need that many bits. However, when I do this:

short bit = 0;
bit = bit | 0x00000001;
bit = bit & ~0x00000001;
bit = bit | 0x00000002;

It says "Type mismatch: Cannot convert from int to short". When I change short to long, it works fine.

Is it possible to perform bitwise operations like this on a short in Java?

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When doing any arithmetic on byte, short, or char, the numbers are promoted to the wider type int. To solve your problem, explicitly cast the result back to short:

bit = (short)(bit | 0x00000001);


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That was it, thanks. – user195488 Aug 10 '11 at 18:45

My understanding is that java does not support short literal values. But this did work for me:

short bit = 0;
short one = 1;
short two = 2;
short other = (short)~one;
bit |= one;
bit &= other;
bit |= two;
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