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I am currently building a test harness for the company I work at. I have experience both with C# and WatiN and have never encountered the issue I am now having.

Below, is a snippet of the markup for the page giving me the issue:

<div id="toggle1" class="NavLayout toggle">
     <span onClick="toggleMenu(1, false);">
          <span id="toggletext1">Quote Processing</span>

As you can see, I have a div, 2 spans and an image. I am using WatiN to try and click the image, that will then expand the menu, exposing yet another layer that I will need to click something else on. The problem I am having is in getting the 'Click' to happen. From what I can see in the snippet, it seems to me I need to be able to click the event, but cannot 'find' it with the code.

Any help out there to be had?

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I'm not seeing your markup. I see you're new, so double-check that you are displaying the markup as code (indent four spaces or highlight and click the code button above the editor). –  Andrew Aug 11 '11 at 18:54
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I have also had issues with clicking on certain elements.

I've run into issues where I could only click on an element if it was highlighted by mousing over the element.

Since I cannot see your code snippet, I can't tell if there is any javascript that deals with mouseover associated with the image, but if there is, you can try the following:




You might also might want to try img.FireEvent("onclick") as well.

These are all guesses, since I can't see your code. It's also possible that rather than clicking on the image element itself, that you may want to try clicking on the parent object.

EDIT: Ok, now that I can see your code, it appears that you should fire an onClick event against the span with the 'onclick' code in it.

I don't see an image listed in your code snippet, but this code should call the parent of the lowest level span.

Watin.Core.Span span = browserinstance
                       .Span(Find.By("innertext", "Quote Processing"));
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The DOM content that you intended to post is not visible. You might want to edit your post and check if it is visible.
In order to click on images

Watin.Core.Image img = browserinstance.Image(Find By Constraint);
if (img!=null and img.Exists) 
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