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I'm trying to create a SQL statement that checks a table to see if the record exists, if not, it adds the record. If it does exist, it changes the value of a field to TRUE.

If  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 'my_preferences' JOIN users ON 'user_id' = 'mp_user_id' )  =1
   UPDATE `mp_start_page`= TRUE where 'user_id' = 'mp_user_id'

   INSERT INTO `my_preferences` (`mp_user_id`, `mp_start_page`) VALUES ('user_id', 'TRUE')

I've also looked into trying to achieve this with the INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE function, but i can't seem to get that to work either.

Thanks for you help.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm comparing two separate tables (my_preferences & users). I need to check the my_preferences table to see if users.user_id exists in the mp_user_id field, if so, it updates mp_state_page to TRUE, if not, it adds a record making mp_user_id = user_id and mp_start_page to TRUE

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I'm assuming the use of single quotes instead of back ticks in your query is simply a typo, right? – Joe Stefanelli Aug 10 '11 at 19:14
This kind of thing is not a valid MySQL query. The only place you can have logic like this is inside a stored procedure, function or trigger. Queries start with SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, etc. You can do a conditional insert using INSERT INTO...SELECT, or a conditional UPDATE with INSERT...ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, but there's no single query for your logic. – Dan Grossman Aug 10 '11 at 19:20
OK, Now I'm trying this: INSERT INTO my_preferences (mp_user_id, mp_start_page) VALUES ((SELECT user_id FROM users), 'TRUE') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE mp_start_page = 'TRUE' Returns this error: #1242 - Subquery returns more than 1 row – EMUELLER Aug 11 '11 at 14:13
INSERT INTO my_preferences (mp_user_id, mp_start_page) VALUES ('user_id', 'TRUE') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE mp_start_page = 'TRUE';

should work. Perhaps mp_start_page is a boolean field, in which case don't quote it. And as @galador mentioned below, do make certain that mp_user_id is set as some sort of key, either primary or foreign. Otherwise ON DUPLICATE KEY doesn't really make sense.

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This doesn't seem to be doing anything with the users table to compare users.user_id with the my_preferences.mp_user_id fields. – EMUELLER Aug 10 '11 at 19:31
Do you need to do that first JOIN? If mp_user_id is a foreign key referencing users.user_id, it shouldn't matter. – Andrew Lee Aug 10 '11 at 19:36
Your code doesn't throw up any errors, which is good, but it only adds 1 record with the mp_user_id of 0. I know that there should be plenty more records added and there is no user_id of 0 in the users table. – EMUELLER Aug 11 '11 at 11:43

I've also looked into trying to achieve this with the INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE function, but i can't seem to get that to work either.

INSERT INTO my_preferences (mp_user_id, mp_start_page) VALUES ('user_id', TRUE)
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE mp_start_page=VALUES(mp_start_page)

Should work, if you have a Unique key set on mp_user_id.

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syntax error

UPDATE `mp_start_page`= TRUE where 'user_id' = 'mp_user_id' <-- wrong syntax
UPDATE TABLE_NAME SET `mp_start_page`= TRUE where 'user_id' = 'mp_user_id';

However mysql does not accept

if {condition} 
then {update}
else insert


insert ignore ... <-- if the user_id is primary key

other serious problem

UPDATE `mp_start_page`= TRUE <--- this is 1
VALUES ('user_id', 'TRUE')   <--- this is string "TRUE"

both are not doing the same thing

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