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There is a Makefile that I am using, which I got from somewhere, and which is quite big. I have also found some things that I'd like changed occasionally in the makefile - and the easiest way to do that for me is to define (or not) a (switch) variable (say, OVWRCHOICE) at the start of the makefile; and then later on in the makefile code, do something like:

  MYOPT = override

... which is all dandy and fine.

The thing is, eventually I also need to change parts in the "override" part as well, so I'd like to have it at the start of the file. So, as this "override" part contains several make commands -- I tried to use define, to have a variable which will contain the commands (which would be executed at the ifdef OVWRCHOICE... part).

So I arrived at this simple example:

# uncomment as needed;

  MYOPT = override

# ... many lines of code ...

MYOPT = default

# ... many lines of code...

# without indent:  Makefile:18: *** missing separator.  Stop.
# with tab indent: Makefile:18: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

    @echo $(MYOPT)

... which fails with the errors noted. Of course, if I use the first snippet in the post instead, all runs fine, and make prints out the expected result: "override".

How would I go about in achieving something like this? Not sure if "inclusion" or "execution" of "Makefile commands" are even the right terms in this context; so I have a hard time in finding a starting point for a search :)

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Got it - it is described in Eval Function - GNU `make'; the right construct is:

$(eval $(call SET_OVWRCHOICE))

Hope this helps someone,

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Oh well, didn't really know where to archive this snippet, so back to this old question of mine :) this is off topic for OP; but here goes:

To test how environment variables are processed by a makefile, here is a simple example:

all :
ifdef DEBUG
    @echo "Debug defined"
    @echo "Debug NOT defined"

... and here is the test for it:

$ make
Debug NOT defined
$ make DEBUG
make: *** No rule to make target `DEBUG'.  Stop.
$ DEBUG make
DEBUG: command not found
$ DEBUG= make
Debug NOT defined
$ DEBUG=1 make
Debug defined

... so obviously, the right syntax to set that variable inside the makefile from the command line is: "DEBUG=1 make"

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