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I want to run a mysqldump on a button klick of my c# app.

on the command prompt i use this command (and it is working):

         mysqldump -u root --password=pwd mydb > exportfile.sql

this command doesn't work in my c# app. i use this code:

            ProcessStartInfo p = new ProcessStartInfo(@"mysqldump", "-u root --password=pwd mydb > exportfile.sql");                

but mysql quits with an error message: "couldn't find table ">"

any ideas?

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">" is a DOS command that redirects the output of a program into a file.

You can't use it in Process.Start - it is just considered to be a parameter for the program you're executing.

If you want to capture the output of a process, you'll need to redirect its stdout yourself. See Process.StandardOutput. You'll then need to read this output stream and write it to a file.

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Probably it's not supported to redirect the output within a hosted Process. If that's the case, then you can redirect the standard output and write the file by yourself.

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