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I want to expose a C++ library to a C# application and I decided to take the C++/CLI wrapper approach instead of P/Invoke. The problem that I am now facing is how to expose a templated class in the C++ lib to the C# application using generics. On the C++ side I have:

template <typename T> class Someclass;

And my goal is to be able to expose the following type to the C# app

class Someclass<T> {}

So the question now is how should my C++/CLI wrapper look like. I tried the naive approach and created a templated type in C++/CLI and naturally I wasnt able to instantiate the class in C# with generic parameters. And if I expose the class as a generic class I wont be able to pass it to C++.

Disclaimer: I am a C++ newbie so please be gentle :)

I am familiar with the differences between generics and templates so no need to explain those. I have this bad feeling that what I want isn't doable, but since I am relatively new to C++ I hope I can somehow achieve it.

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All template type arguments must be known at link time. Short from a giant switch statement on all the T's that you want to support, this is not possible. –  Hans Passant Aug 10 '11 at 20:54

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AFAIK: You'll have to write a C++ generic.


I don't see how the C# application would even understand the template being as that is calculated at compile time, so the C# application wont see templates in the DLL.

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