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Has anyone managed to create working file upload within AJAX modal window in lift? I tried using something like this:

    bind("upload", template,
        "file" -> SHtml.fileUpload(processFile _),
        "submit" -> SHtml.ajaxSubmit("Submit", () => { 

And when I press "Submit" button function connected to button is executed (i see "Submitted" on console), but processFile is omitted and I cannot do anything with uploaded file.

I'm using List 2.3 and Scala 1.8.1.

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I think you are crossing your wires here. The SHtml.fileUpload is intended to be used within a Form to capture the FileParamHolder on submission. As you know this will cause a POST to your action URL which may not help with your modal. If you see the example at the Exploring Lift page for fileUpload, you will see the fileUpload usage:

bind("e", in,
     "receipt" -> SHtml.fileUpload(fileHolder = _),
     "tags" -> SHtml.text(tags, doTagsAndSubmit))

You're using an ajaxSubmit which doesn't send a form, it just calls a method on the server side and returns the JsCmd - in your case the println _Noop. That is why you aren't seeing any file.

If you want to do an ajax style fileUpload check out this link to see an example. There is also a working example on github here that makes use of the awesome jQuery File Upload plugin.

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