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I'm currently using MPlayer in slave mode for a video player im making.

As of currently, the media player shows ==== PAUSED ==== when it's paused and I can read the output for this status to know when the video is paused.

The command line arg i am using as of now is msglevel identify=6:statusline=-1 (i disabled statusline as it produced A: 0.7 V: 0.6 A-V: 0.068 ... and unneccessary stuff)

What do I need to set the msglevel (or anything else) so that it will also show ==== PLAYING ==== or any indication that it started playing, stopped, media ended, loading, etc?

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I found out how to get if the video is paused.

By sending command pausing_keep_force get_property pause to mplayer, it responds with ANS_pause=no if not paused, and ANS_pause=yes if paused. Problem solved.

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