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I want to know if you know how to write the following sql query in a more "rails way"

UPDATE  buy_order_detail
SET saldo = saldo - detail_purchase.cantidad
FROM purchase_detail
           INNER JOIN purchase ON purchase.id =
           INNER JOIN waybill ON waybill.id =
           INNER JOIN buy_order ON buy_order.id =
           INNER JOIN buy_order_detail ON buy_order.id =
WHERE purchase_detail.product_id = buy_order_detail.product_id 

I've tried something like this, in the "DetailPurchase model"

def after_create
    pchs = Purchase.find(self.purchase_id)
    wbl = Waybill.find(pchs.waybill_id)
    bdr = BuyOrder.find(wbl.buy_order_id)
   BuyOrderDetail.find_by_buy_order_id(bdr.id).where(:product_id => self.product_id).update_attribute(:saldo, buy_order_detail.saldo - cantidad)

But when I check the value "saldo", it always keep the same original value

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Writing the question using the Rails Way, would implore that you

  1. write Models
  2. use Associations between the models to define their relations
  3. call upon Model.find() with some conditions to generate the SQL (automatically and out-of-sight)

All these steps (and more) are explained in the Getting Started with Rails documentation

With Ruby on Rails one (normally) does not generate SQL directly. But data from a database is modeled by (duh) Models. These models are used by Rails to retrieve the requested information from the database. Basically, you could say that each Model corresponds with a table in the database (at least for simple situations).

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Excuse me, but do you have an example? I've tried to solve this using callbacks with the Model.update_attribute(), I've tried with Model.where(), and I've tried with Model.find()... Unfortunately Nothing seems to work –  Angelo Aug 11 '11 at 2:30
@Angelo, Not that you know the Rail Way, I think it is best to post a new question. Show in that question what what you already have and tell what part is not working correctly. –  Veger Aug 11 '11 at 9:19
ok, I've posted a [new question] (stackoverflow.com/questions/7032067/…) to try to explain my problem in a better way –  Angelo Aug 11 '11 at 20:18

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