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I've forked csv_builder to support a @streaming parameter. When streaming, the template handler uses a block like this: do |output| output.write("writing some data") end

I've verified that templates render properly, in terms of the content being correct, but I want to verify that data is streamed, rather than returned in one shot. One idea I had was to generate an enormous file inside a template. When I did this in an rspec test, it indeed takes a few minutes, but it passes when the template returns data in one shot.

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I switched over to use unicorn instead of WEBrick, since unicorn has a configurable timeout for requests and also supports streaming. I was able to make a test application that I can verify with chrome's dev tools. But I still am not sure how to wrap that test in a unit test, since unicorn (afaik) isn't running when I run 'rake spec'. – fawce Aug 11 '11 at 1:37

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