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I want to put just this part on my website, how to do that ? I have tried with iframee and it shows me the whole page i want just the table... !

enter image description here

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Unless the part of the page you want is itself embedded in an iframe, you probably won't be able to separate it out and embed it without some sort of external extraction or parsing process. –  chesles Aug 10 '11 at 22:01
Do you know the id of the div the table is in? –  Ash Burlaczenko Aug 10 '11 at 22:01

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If you do know the id of the div the table is in you can do something like this


<div id="PlaceToPutTable"></div>
<iframe id="iframe" src="urlofpagewithtableonit.html" style="display:hidden;"></iframe>


var iframe = document.getElementById("iframe");
var div = document.getElementById("PlaceToPutTable");
div.innerHTML = iframe.contentWindow.document.getElementById("KnowDivName").innerHTML;

Hope this helps.

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You can put the part of an external website starting at some id into an iframe, like this. Or you can put an iframe into a div like this.

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