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hi there i am trying to write a code that generates automatically code and writes in a the problem is when i try to write '\t' '\n' etc. characters i am facing with problems.

    FileOutputStream fos2 = new FileOutputStream("...\\");
    PrintStream pr2 = new PrintStream(fos2);

    for (Iterator<String> itr = name.iterator(); itr.hasNext();) {


        s_str =;

            pr2.print('"' + s_str.toUpperCase() + '"' + ");\n");

            pr2.print('"' + s_str.toUpperCase() + '\t' + '"'  + '+'); 


and my goal is writing a code for example "pr.println("var1\t" + "var2\t") into another file and when i compile that file it would create a text file, so when i look at my .txt file i should see "NAME (here must be white space character) LAST_NAME". but in '\t' character it writes pr.println("var1" + "var2"). i hope i explain my work correctly. : ) and i appreciated if you could help me.

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It's not really clear what you mean, but I suspect you're just trying to escape the backslash:

 pr2.print('"' + s_str.toUpperCase() + "\\t\"+"); 

(I've taken the liberty of combining all the characters you've got at the end into a single string, which means we need to escape the double quote as well, hence the \".)

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yesss. it worked. could you explain me that how it works please : ) – quartaela Aug 10 '11 at 22:09
@user743898: \t is the escape sequence for "tab" but `\` is the escape sequence for "backslash". So there's a backslash followed by a t, which is what you wanted. – Jon Skeet Aug 10 '11 at 22:09
well thanks mate i got it : ) – quartaela Aug 10 '11 at 22:13

The backslash character is a special character used to escape things like tabs (\t), newlines (\n), etc. So if you want to print a backslash, you have to type \\.

In your particular case, you want to print out "\\t".

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thanks mate i got it : ) – quartaela Aug 10 '11 at 22:13

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