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Can you please tell me what is Provider Authority String in ProviderTestCase2 constructor?

From the JavaDoc below

it requires 'Provider Authority String', my question I am using it to unit test my Content Provider, so what is my Provider Authority String?

Thank you.

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In you application's AndroidManifest.xml you declare your provider in a next way:

<provider android:name=".provider.MyProvider" 

In your ProviderTestCase2 class you should then specify as second parameter to super constructor.

For example:

public class MyProviderTest extends ProviderTestCase2<MyProvider>
    public MyProviderTest()
        super(MyProvider.class, "");
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you should write the code:

 public void setup () {
                mContactProvider = mProviderClass.newInstance();
        Context context = getContext();
        mContactProvider.attachInfo(context, null);
        mMockContentResolver.addProvider(authority, mContactProvider);


then you can operate your contentprovider data

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