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I'm working with Cyrillic Bulgarian strings.

I want to compare $words[$i] (added: $words is an array of strings, $words[$i] is a string) if it contains symbols from $cyrillic_symbols.

$cyrillic_symbols="абвгдежз"; //OK!

$siglesymb=mb_substr($words[$i],9,1,'UTF-8'); //OK! "д" letter received.

echo $siglesymb; //and д displayed in the browser, OK!

echo mb_strpos($cyrillic_symbols,$siglesymb,0,'UTF-8');

Nothing is displayed because I think it's == false. I don't understand the reason why.

echo mb_strpos($cyrillic_symbols,"д",0,'UTF-8');

The same as above, but the result is not false, but 4 because of fifth position of д in the "абвгдежз".

The total result is: д4. Why?

Why the result is not д44?

Any ideas how to make it д44?

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post your example $words[$i] –  Jacek Kaniuk Aug 10 '11 at 23:20
echo "<br>".$i."<br>"; echo $words[$i]; –  Haradzieniec Aug 10 '11 at 23:25
Here is a value of $i and $words[$i] as you asked: echo "<br>".$i."<br>"; echo $words[$i]; 0 & l t ; b & g t ; д о б р & l t ; / b & g t ; //(remove spaces), letter д is by number 9 starting from 0. All the rest is the same: once you replace "д" on a variable $siglesymb which is actually should be "д", mb_strpos can't find it in the string. –  Haradzieniec Aug 10 '11 at 23:32
Works fine for me if I fill in 'дддддддддддддддддд' for $words[$i]. –  deceze Aug 10 '11 at 23:33
Please post your words into your question, this is hard to read in a comment. –  deceze Aug 10 '11 at 23:33
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3 Answers

works for me:

$words = preg_split('/[ ,.;]+/', 'да работи да');

foreach($words as $word) {
    for($i = 0; $i < mb_strlen($word,'UTF-8'); $i++) {

        $siglesymb = mb_substr($word,$i,1,'UTF-8');
        echo $siglesymb.' ';
        var_dump( mb_strpos($cyrillic_symbols,$siglesymb,0,'UTF-8') );
        echo ", ";
    echo "<br>";


д int(4) , а int(0) ,
р bool(false) , а int(0) , б int(1) , о bool(false) , т bool(false) , и bool(false) ,
д int(4) , а int(0) ,

maybe something with your input?

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I copied exactly this code to my php file, put it on top, then put exit(); to interrupt the code below. The result is: ��ool(false) , � bool(false) , �ool(false) , �bool(false) , That's driving me crazy. Can't understand the problem. (Offtopic: Guys, I'm sorry I'm still not a pro with this web-site, everything is new for me... I'm trying to answer all the questions you ask...)... –  Haradzieniec Aug 11 '11 at 0:11
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I didn't had problems; please, compare to your code:

$cyrillic_symbols="абвгдежз"; //OK!

$words = array("абвгдабвгд");  // my test
$i = 0;

$siglesymb=mb_substr($words[$i],9,1,'UTF-8'); //OK! "д" letter received.

echo $siglesymb; //and д displayed in the browser, OK!

echo mb_strpos($cyrillic_symbols,$siglesymb,0,'UTF-8');  //4 

echo mb_strpos($cyrillic_symbols,"д",0,'UTF-8');         //4
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Here is a solution. I would never guess it will help, but it helped... I don't understand actually why...

$cyrillic_for_display=iconv('cp1251','utf-8',$symbols_non_utf);//that's a solution!
echo $cyrillic_symbols; //rectangles are displayed
echo $cyrillic_for_display; //абвгд

P.S. on top of php file was:

header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8");//yes, UTF-8.

As I understand from all the posts above, nobody had such problem.

Moreover, UTF-8 was everywhere in files (except some fields in the MySQL db which where actually cp125, but I didn't take any data from there, although it was connected).

If someone knows the reason why cp125 appeared, please post your opinion here.

Thank you everybody. You helped me anyway.

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