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I have an index.php script that I use as a post-commit URL on a Google Code site. This script clones a directory and builds a project that may take some work. I want to avoid having this script running more than one time in parallel.

Is there a mechanism I can use to avoid executing that script if another one is already in session?

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You can use flock with LOCK_EX to gain an exclusive lock on a file.


$fp = fopen('/tmp/php-commit.lock', 'r+');
if (!flock($fp, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB)) {

// ... do stuff

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Never used flock() so far, thanks for the answer! –  powtac Aug 11 '11 at 20:33
@LongEars Mention this code actually runs another instance on Windows, as LOCK_NB doesn't work there according to PHP manual on flock. It will wait on flock until previous instances finish, and then will run the whole code. –  polkovnikov.ph Oct 12 '13 at 21:32
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Only if you save the state of the running script and check when the script starts if an other script is currently active.

For example to save if a script is running you could do something like this:

$state = file_get_contents('state.txt');

if (!$state) {
   file_put_contents('state.txt', 'RUNNING, started at '.time());

   // Do your stuff here...

   // When your stuff is finished, empty file
   file_put_contents('state.txt', '');
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how long does it take to run.

could use memcache

$m = new Memcache(); // check the constructor call

if( $m->get( 'job_running' ) ) exit;

else $m->set( 'job_running', true );

//index code here

//at the end of the script

$m->delete( 'job_running' );


If the task fails you will need to clear from memcache. Flock is a good option too... probably better actually.

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To avoid manual clearing on task failure, you could just use a time-limit for the set according to some top boundary of the task running time. –  Noam Jun 12 at 11:55
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