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I'm trying to make a custom Data Formatter bundle to allow me to print things like STL containers more prettily, etc.

I've followed the instructions online as well as I can, however I can't seem to get any bundle code to run. All I can do is get Xcode to say "Summary Unavailable" when my data formatter is copied to /Developer/Library/Xcode/CustomDataViews/

I created my bundle with the Xcode "bundle" template, and have put this into my C++ file:

#include "/Developer/Library/Xcode/PrivatePlugIns/DebuggerFoundation.ideplugin/Contents/Headers/DataFormatterPlugin.h"
#include "Hi.h"

_pbxgdb_plugin_function_list *_pbxgdb_plugin_functions = NULL;

char * printHi( Hi * obj, int Id) {
    char * result = (char*)(_pbxgdb_plugin_functions->allocate(Id,100));
    sprintf( result, "%s", obj->string );
    return result;

Where the Hi object is trivial:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

class Hi {
    Hi( char * str ) {
        string = new char[strlen(str)+1];
        strcpy( string, str );

    ~Hi() {
        delete( string );

    void print( void ) {
        printf( "%s", string );

    char * string;

I know my problem isn't with my .plist file because if I put the following in the StringSummary field, it will print out the string field;


However, if I put this in: (Yes, I am linking this to a Hi * object, not a Hi object.)

{(char *)printHi($VAR, $ID)}:s

All I can get out is Summary Unavailable. I'm debugging with a simple project:

#include "hi.h"

void foo( Hi * obj ) {

int main( void ) {
    Hi h( "test!" );
    foo( &h );
    return 1;

Anybody got any tips for debugging debuggers? :P

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I would love to see an answer on this question! –  Lars Bilke Feb 14 '12 at 13:50

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There is Product > Debug > Shared Libraries - you should check if your bundle is loaded at all. Also it seems you can use any functions from currently running target - but _pbxgdb_plugin_function_list variable seems to be NULL at that point.

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