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I have just been asked to find out why a clients website be listed in Google in an interesting way. Some of the links have an extra directory with a (seemingly) random name.

The url. http://www.servicedofficecompany.co.uk/resources/

Is listed by google as. http://www.servicedofficecompany.co.uk/(A(khbmZF83yQEkAAAAZGQ1OThhMmQtNzA4Zi00NmVmLWI4ZDUtMTA4ZmRmYjgzZWVmjkz4KVF6yNl_4UvHnUcR51UunJw1)S(sbkd2nyztm23yk555lbbtgzl))/resources/

This is not happening on all pages but you can see examples by using the below Google query. Anyone got any idea's?




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It seems your site is detecting that googlebot does not support cookies, and is therefore redirecting it to a URL that contains the session ID.

For info on ASP.NET cookieless session support, see e.g. this article

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You're right. I edited my question to include that possibility right after you, apparently. Removing my answer. –  Peter J Mar 31 '09 at 16:49

Thanks Jonas, I remeber where I'd seen URLS like that before. More .NET cleverness driving me mad.

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