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I'm trying to setup a .gitignore file with the following rule


but it is not ignoring all bin folders unless I use a backslash


Shouldn't it work the same across all platforms?

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you don't need to specify the * at the beginning. The following example will ignore any bin or Bin directory in any part of the directory tree.


The previous example is for visual studio, as it creates the bin folder in lower or upper case. You can see an example of a .gitignore that I've used in windows here.

I forgot to add that if you're going to use git on windows, you might want to set to ignore case in the configuration file in .git/config by adding

    ignorecase = true
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A little explanation: * (as in */bin) doesn't match slashes. It can only match within one path component. Additionally, the presence of a / means that the pattern is only checked from the level of the gitignore. So */bin only ignores files/directories called bin that are one level down. –  Jefromi Aug 11 '11 at 0:05

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