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I can not figure out the syntax for this.

Here's my code:

$('select[id^="lookup_"]').change(function() {
    var d = $("#lookupform").serializeArray();

            // This is the problem line
            d.push("field=" + $(this).id);

    hash = { type: "POST", url: "/map/details", data: d };
    return false;

I know that problem line is totally wrong. I basically want to let the server side know from which the submission came from. Can anyone help?

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this should do:

d.push( { field: this.id } );
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You're very, very close. This will work:

d.push("field=" + this.id);

Or, to be consistent with the other array elements:

d.push({field: this.id});
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BTW, are you sure you want to be using .serializeArray() and not .serialize()? –  Matt Ball Aug 10 '11 at 23:54
I am definitely supposed to be using .serialize() instead, but I wasn't sure how to serialize a single entry, nor what object to use. –  AKWF Aug 11 '11 at 0:09
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