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New to Matlab, so sorry if this is a silly question. I'm filtering a series images for my research. I'm not having a problem with the actual image processing, it's when I go to save the modified images that I run into trouble. For some reason, I can only save the modified images using imwrite as .gif files. If I try to save them as .jpg, .bmp, etc., the file does not appear in the working folder. The corresponding generic file appears, but the actual .jpg does not. Additionally, when I use imread to reopen the midified files (that actually saved as .gifs), the image is just black. But, if I open the .gif file outside Matlab, it appears as expected. Code below.

close all
IMAGES=cell(1,N); %creates a cell to store image data

for i=1:N
    IMAGES{i}=imread(sprintf(FNAMEFMT,i)); %reads original images into IMAGES

RESULT=cell(1,N); %to store modified/filtered images

for i=1:N
    gray=rgb2gray(IMAGES{i}); %converts to grayscale
    binary=im2bw(gray,.5); %converts to bw
    filter=bwareaopen(binary,35); %removes small features
    RESULT{i}=filter; %saves modified image in RESULTS

for i=1:N
    imwrite(RESULT{i},sprintf(WRITEFMT,i),'gif'); %writes RESULTS as .gif
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If I try to save them as .jpg, .bmp, etc., the file does not appear in the working folder.

You need to change




The files you are outputting are jpeg files (as per the imwrite argument 'jpg' instead of 'gif'), but they don't have a file extension. If you manually add the extension, they open as jpgs.

For the black gif, see if this helps.

Once you export as jpg, viewing them works

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