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I'm trying to use C++ to read from a file, which is structured like this:

frank, 80, 90
johnny, 10, 25

I made a loop to go through each line of the file, but every time I read the name string, the comma is included with the name (so instead of frank I get frank,).

My code in question is:

// var declarations
ifstream streamVar;
string name;
int num1, num2;

// there is a chunk of code that opens file and does error checking here

// this is the code that I'm having trouble with
streamVar >> name;
streamVar >> num1;
streamVar.ignore(100, ',');
streamVar >> num2;

How can I read these three values while ignoring the commas?

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Can you post the code you use to read the file? – Timo Geusch Aug 11 '11 at 0:44
@Timo I've updated my question with the code I'm using. – Moses Aug 11 '11 at 0:55
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IIRC the streams use space as a default delimiter and you will have to specify that ',' is another delimiter.

Here's another question on SO regarding specifying delimiters, that should solve your problem.

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Must be because your code is wrong. Exactly how is anyone's guess since you failed to post it.

I've posted the code I use to read and write CSV files in C++. Perhaps that will be some help.

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