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We have many projects that need to use common version numbers.
What is best practice for doing this with Ant/Ivy? Do you just inherit a wad of properties from Ant that have the version numbers in them, or is there a more formal mechanism a la Maven?

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Looks like the new <extends> in ivy.xml gets at some of this. See Jira, doc. Not sure on best use yet, though. – Ed Staub Aug 11 '11 at 2:39

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As you've pointed out I think this is the problem which the new extends functionality has been designed to solve.

To be completely honest I'm not a fan of parent-child modules in Maven.... However, just like you sometimes I want to nail lots of my modules to a common version of Spring.

The solution I used was to have a set of properties defined in my shared ivysettings file. This keeps my ivy specific properties separate from my ANT build properties.

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