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There is a property of type Resource in my Spring 3 bean that should be injected with a reference to a file in the classpath. I use the @Value annotation as below to hopefully achieve this.

public class TestBean
    private Resource SqlFile;

But the property is always null. I have confirmed that the sql file has been deployed in the maven target directory (it is at target/classes/abc/student/test.sql).

The closest solutions that I could google were this and this which detail the xml way whereas I am interested in doing this using annotations.

Appreciate any pointers on what could be wrong here.



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If it's going to be hard-coded like that, then just

private Resource sqlFile = new ClassPathResource("/abc/student/test.sql");

Otherwise, what you're really after is

private Resource sqlFile;

and I believe that in injecting the property value, the correct PropertyEditor will be applied.

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Agreed - see… –  sourcedelica Aug 11 '11 at 2:35
Thank you for your replies. Both the solutions worked. I preferred the @Value approach as it permits no dependency on Spring classes from my code. –  Babu Subburathinam Aug 11 '11 at 4:30

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