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I've just installed a new ipython 0.11 on Mac OS X from sources. Unfortunately it turned out that it lacks back-compatibility with its previous versions, so all the scripts I need do not work. After that i installed a 0.10 version of ipython from macports, hoping it would replace the current one (yep, maybe it wasn't a good idea - things gone even more complicated). But it didn't, and my scripts are still using the 0.11 version of ipython

The only thing I need is to make my scripts working. So I need somehow uninstall iPython v.0.11, or make version 0.10 a preferred to use

Thanks for any help!

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pip uninstall ipython might be able to remove it.

Otherwise, you'll have to find the files and delete them. At an interactive prompt, do:

>>> import IPython
>>> IPython

Which should show you where it's imported from.

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i used the second way, and everything worked. Thank you! –  Andrey Lushnikov Aug 19 '11 at 22:26

Remember to run pip as a root, or:

    sudo pip uninstall ipython

Without sudo, it didn't work with me.

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