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I have subclass of NSView which implements mouseMoved.

However when I move my mouse over the view the mouseMoved never gets called. Why?

I am on OS X Lion.

Thanks, Vance

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Event with -setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:, your view will only get -mouseMoved: when it is the first responder. If you want to receive mouse moved events when your view isn't first responder, give NSTrackingArea a look.

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Try enabling mouseMoved events on the window containing the view via the NSWindow class's setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents: method

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I do try to set "[pullDownWindow setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES];" on the NSWindow instance the view is part of but still nothing. Is there something else? –  jox Aug 11 '11 at 4:19
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i solved this problem by putting this hack in the CCDirectorMac: after:

 [fullScreenWindow_ makeMainWindow];
 [fullScreenWindow_ makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];

set acceptMouseMovedEvents to yes:

 [fullScreenWindow_ setAcceptsMouseMovedEvents:YES];
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