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I'm new to Rails. Can anyone tell me if the following is possible, and if you, what would the correct "route" entry be?

I have a controller ItemController with one action (index). When I set it up by default, it's accessible at http://my.app:3000/item, but I want this controller (i.e. this controller only, not the other controllers) to be accessible via http://my.app:3000/api/v1/.

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Set it up under a namespace:

namespace :api do
  namespace :v1 do
    resources :items

Then you would need to move this controller into app/controllers/api/v1/items_controller.rb and call the class defined in it Api::V1::ItemsController.

Chances are that you're going to h ave some custom logic you want for API actions, so you may want to put that logic in another controller other than ApplicationController. This means this new controller would inherit from Api::V1::BaseController rather than ApplicationController.

On a side note, I cover this kind of thing in the "Designing an API" chapter of my book, Rails 3 in Action.

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yes, I agree, it's the best approach –  Anatoly Aug 11 '11 at 9:50

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