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I've developed a databaase inventory tracking system with a seperate interface for Windows 7 tablets (E.G. Viewsonic Viewpad 10). I have implemented fingerprint reading on the desktop, however, I would like to ask if it is possible to use the tablet touchscreen interface to read the fingerprint off the user? Or will I have to implement seperate fingeprint readers for the tablets?

If it is possible, how do i go about doing it? I am developing in C# winforms 64-bit. Any .net version is fine with me.

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, a touch screen is different than a finger print reader. Touch screens are no where sensitive enough to read a person's finger print.

As far as a finger print reader API, you can refer to this question (which may be a bit dated). This assumes there is a proper finger print reader hooked up.

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You would be better off getting hold of actual finger print reader hardware and interfacing to it via API calls, which will likely support some form of a .NET interface or wrapper.

These .net specific Q&As might be useful:

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