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My company is trying to use a 3rd party PDF generator from within VFoxpro 9.0. They supplied us with a .dll COM file and method documentation, but they don't support Foxpro so they can't help with this.

I registered the DLL and load the COM, and it succeeds - after I createobject() intellisense prompts me with the list of methods, so I know it is importing them correctly. But, when I try calling any of the methods I get a popup window which simply says "syntax error.", which is of very little help. I tried calling one method which takes no arguments, in case the problem was passing conventions, but that one also returns "syntax error". Is there anything more I need to do besides create an object and use it for method calls?

I am not really a foxpro guy, but I have tried this same thing using different COMs, like Excel.Application, and they work as I would expect them to. Is there any reason a COM might be incompatible with Foxpro, or require some other manipulation to get it to work?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

OK, after a day and a half I found the problem.

I was typing a=createobject("library.class") and then = a.method(), and it was returning "syntax error". It turns out that if I call the variable anything but a it works! It appears there is some sort of bug in foxpro so that it is not parsing this correctly when the variable name is a. If I use b, x, anotherName, or anything else it works. If I type ?a it confirms that a is an (object), and as I said intellisense is recognizing all the method names and types. I can't wait to get back to java.

So thanks, no other answers are needed, but I will leave this up in case it can help some other poor soul.

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Post a code snippet – Hans Passant Aug 11 '11 at 2:37
The letters A through J are reserved in FoxPro as alternate names for the first 10 workareas. (This is a backward compatibility thing.) In general, it's a bad idea to use any of them as variable names. Ditto for the letter M, which is reserved for distinguishing variables from fields. – Tamar E. Granor Aug 11 '11 at 20:16
Hi @Russel, could you post the answer you found yourself as an answer and accept it, so that this question doesn't linger in the list of "unanswered questions"? And I hope you have fun back in the java world ;-)... – Jonas Heidelberg Aug 31 '11 at 21:53
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See the answer I typed in above - variables cannot be called "a". Sorry for not entering it as an answer so this could be closed.

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Nothings stopping you from putting the above information into an answer and accepting it. – Mark Hall Nov 2 '11 at 6:20

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