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Our company wants to display the powerpoint presentation (company info, live data update catching from excel sheet, etc) on the big screen TV in the lobby. there will be an excel sheet which has data and it will be regularly updated , the requirement from my company is that the powerpoint slideshow which is running on big screen should be linked with the excel sheet and it should show the live changes during the slideshow just when the excel sheet is updated.

now i have searched and tried a lot of ways to do this, i could manage to link the excel sheet with powerpoint and it does takes the updated data during the slideshow but the problem is when i attach my laptop with another screen and run the slideshow on another screen and update the data on my laptop, whenever a slide is updated automatically it stops there, and to continue it I have to click on the slideshow.

How can I make a connection between the 2 laptops so that i can open and update the Excel sheet on the first laptop and run the slideshow on the other laptop. The slideshow must me linked with excel so that it can show live changes in data.

thanks in advance

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could you tell us how you managed to link the Excel sheet to PowerPoint and show your code? if your problem is only to re-run the slideshow, it could probably be done with vba – JMax Aug 11 '11 at 14:33
JMax thanx for the consideration... – anna Aug 15 '11 at 4:54
JMax thanx for the consideration :) ...actually i linked the excel data with ppt by simply copying data from excel and performing "special paste" in PowerPoint. when i clink special paste then an option comes "paste link" ,and i clicked now the excel data is linked with whenever i do some changes in excel sheet,the linked data in slides gets updated.for automatic update i have used an add-in.but now the prob is,how can i use the excel sheet on one laptop,and the slideshow must b running on other laptop,and during that slideshow the data must update if any changes occur in excel. – anna Aug 15 '11 at 5:09
i think you would have to trigger PowerPoint from Excel but i don't know how you can manage it from a computer to another, sorry! – JMax Aug 18 '11 at 9:14

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