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I would like to define a list of functions to use within juxt, however I am having trouble implementing it.

Heres an example of what I want:

(defn sin [n] (Math/sin n))
(defn cos [n] (Math/cos n))
((juxt sin cos) 4)
>> [-0.7568024953079282 -0.6536436208636119]

Now instead of saying ((juxt sin cos) 4) I would prefer to say ((juxt trig) 4) where (def trig [sin cos]). I have attempted ((apply juxt trig) 4) and a few other things but nothing seems to stick. Thanks!

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apply seems to work fine:

user=> ((juxt sin cos) 4)
[-0.7568024953079282 -0.6536436208636119]
user=> ((apply juxt trig) 4)
[-0.7568024953079282 -0.6536436208636119]
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I think you have a correct solution. For me it works:

Clojure 1.2.1

user=> (defn sin [n] (Math/sin n))


user=> (defn cos [n] (Math/cos n))


user=> (def trig [sin cos])


user=> ((apply juxt trig) 4)

[-0.7568024953079282 -0.6536436208636119]

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