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I have a Pyramid application that uses Chameleon as its template engine.
I have one (quite large, but I have had larger) template that will just not work.
Whenever I try to render it to return as a view, paste server development.ini crashes miserably without any errors (Mac OS X's terminal tells me "bus error").
When I run the exact same code on my server with apache and mod_wsgi, everything works great.

How do I even start figuring out whats wrong?

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Start by installing yolk so that you can list the versions of all the python packages you have installed with yolk -l.

Next, you should post your template to gist or pastebin so people can see the template you're working with and try to reproduce the problem. In fact, it would be even more helpful if you can provide a simplified version of the Pyramid app that reproduces it on your side.

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