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I want to create a webPage using HTML 5 which will use all the attractive features of HTML5 i.e. audio, video, autofocus, placeholder, required, email, url, number etc. and the webPage should also have support for the browsers which dont support HTML5 like IE or some versions of other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, opera etc.

How do I start working on that, as You might guess that this is just for the experimental purpose and I am supposed to it asap... so please suggest me any help, site or blog or tutorial or example.. I have seen hhtml5Doctor.com and diveintohtml5.ep.io ... the sites are of great help...

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why this -1 ? I asked which I need.. provided the work I have done so far ? didn't use any offensive language ? than y this -1 ? –  Amit Aug 11 '11 at 5:51
You already have one of the best resources you can get on accomplishing this: diveintohtml.com. In fact, I would recommend reading the book itself has it has tons of great examples and instructions. –  Moses Aug 11 '11 at 5:56

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Use progressive enhancement. The diveintohtml5 already tells you how: http://diveintohtml5.ep.io/detect.html

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this can now be found at the mirror : diveintohtml5.info/detect.html –  JKirchartz Oct 8 '11 at 19:31

html5boilerplate is a good start, it includes modernizr/html5shiv for barebones support of the new elements.

Other things may need javascript/flash fallbacks.

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You can make use of the fact that browsers will ignore tag that they don't understand. So, for example, you can have an audio tag and inside that put an object tag for a flash audio player. The HTML5 browser will understand the audio tag and do the right thing, and ignore the child content. An older browser will see the audio tag and throw it away beacuse it doesn't understand it, but will render the child contents of the tag instead (the flash player).

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swfobject and Modernizer are really nice tools... u must give them a try... I would personally recommend swfObject due to very good support.

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