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similar to this question:

preg_match to extract mailto on anchor

but I am trying to do a global string replace in php that will convert:

..href="mailto:jeff@mycom.com">Mailme<... (including the "a" tags)

to only "jeff@mycom.com" with no tags. This needs to be a replace, not an extract.

I have been using preg_replace, but like so many others, am rather poor at regex. It's the regex I'm really after, but best practice is welcome as long as the final solution is clear.


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$html = '<a href="mailto:jeff@mycom.com">Mailme</a> (including the "a" tags)';
$html = preg_replace("~<a .*?href=[\'|\"]mailto:(.*?)[\'|\"].*?>.*?</a>~", "$1", $html);
echo $html;

working demo

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thank you - knew this wasn't a hard one, just lacking in regex skills –  jmadsen Aug 11 '11 at 7:00
@genesis: (.*?)-> what it mean..... –  K6t Aug 11 '11 at 7:17
@K6t: it search everything till first occurence of href. If you would have <a href= href= code, without ? it would show everything from <a to last href –  genesis Aug 11 '11 at 12:24

following regex will do work for you.

 preg_replace(/<a .*?href=((?:\'|\"))mailto:(.*?)$1[^>]*>[^<]+</a>/i, "$2", $html);

use [^<]+ between start and end tag because some it may happened that line breaks occur in html, so .* will fail there, [^<]+ this fail in rare case when (less than sign) < appears in tag content. Used flag "i" for in-case sensitivity replace.

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