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I have been using doxygen to generate html document for my project. And my generated documents contain a files tab. How could I remove that files tab.?

Apart from that I also want to remove all hyperlinks that directs to a code page. Thanks in advance.

I want to remove this part of documentation

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:


here I have a hyperlink for ClassA.h

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Put the following line into your Doxyfile:

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I think the best option is to have VERBATIM_Header = NO SOURCE_BROWSER = NO SHOW_INCLUDE_FILE = YES SHOW_USED_FILE = YES It worked for me. – Apoorva sahay Aug 11 '11 at 11:52
When I set SHOW_FILES = NO my @ref tags no longer work. I tried the solution Apoorva suggested but the file list was still generated. The @ref tags I am used refer to enumeration values - I have not tried any other @ref tags. – Stephen Nutt Sep 18 '12 at 18:29

To remove the files tab you can customize the html layout used by Doxygen.

  • Generate a default layout file with doxygen -l in the folder where your Doxyfile is, this will create a file named DoxygenLayout.xml

  • In the generated layout file, change visible to no in the following line:
    <tab type="files" visible="yes"

  • Run doxygen again, the layout file will be read from Doxygen without having to change the Doxyfile as long as it has the default name.
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The answers are helpful but there the EXTRACT_ALL option that generates the Class List and File list for me. Try disabling EXTRACT_ALL. It worked for me

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would remove files page from Quick Index, to remove the source file used for the documentation from the bottom of the page use

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