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i have generated stub for a webserivce using apache axis2 and i want to add custom soap header to the request i want soap header to look like this

<soapenv:Header xmlns:soapenv=""><ns1:soapHeader xmlns:ns1="urn:oasis:names:core" soapenv:mustUnderstand="0"><ns1:Username>myuser</ns1:Username><ns1:Password>mypass</ns1:Password></ns1:soapHeader></soapenv:Header>

and im writing this code

org.apache.axiom.soap.SOAPEnvelope env = null; omFactory =;

                           omElement = omFactory.createOMElement(new javax.xml.namespace.QName("urn:oasis:names:core", "soapHeader", "ns1"));
                           omElement1 = omFactory.createOMElement(new javax.xml.namespace.QName("urn:oasis:names:core", "Username", "ns1"));
                           omElement2 = omFactory.createOMElement(new javax.xml.namespace.QName("urn:oasis:names:core", "Password", "ns1"));




but i am not getting required soap header, this is what im getting

 <soapenv:Header xmlns:soapenv=""><ns1:soapHeader xmlns:ns1="urn:oasis:names:core" soapenv:mustUnderstand="0"><ns1:Username>myuser</ns1:Username></ns1:soapHeader></soapenv:Header>

as u can see password is missing, i wanna know what im doing wrong

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