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The project I'm working on has its own nature. The project has its own preferences that can be set by a user. I would like to store these preferences in the .project file - it would allow to easily exchange of the project between the users (the user who wants to share the project with someone else doesn't have to export it). The question is - is it possible to store additional (custom) data in the .project file in Eclipse's project?

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In general it should be possible, but this is not recommended and is not common practise. The .project file is bound to the interface org.eclipse.core.resources.IProjectDescription. If you need shareable project-specific settings does it like all other Eclipse plugins, e.g. JDT, PDE, etc. Create your own .settings/.myspecificprops file use this file for serialization of your values and make that accessible through your org.eclipse.core.resources.IProjectNature implementation. The written files are also located in the project-folder, so that there is no need to export them.

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