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Im trying to make a video preview script. I want one function for both drag and drop and files selected by an input type="file" element. Here is the function:

                function FileHandler(files){
                    for(var i = 0; i < files.length; i++){

                        file = files[i];

                        var reader = new FileReader();
                        reader.onload = function(evt){
                            var VideoSpan = document.createElement('span');
                            var Video = document.createElement('video');
                            Video.src =
                            document.getElementById('VideoWindow').style.display = "block";

And then the

<input type="file" id="OpenFileDialog" multiple onchange="FileHandler(this.files)">

And the dnd handler:

            function d(e){
                files = e.dataTransfer.files;

I really can't see whats wrong the reader.onload is never called! It would be great with some help!

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Got here when I faced similar issue.

Try to implement onerror and you will find Google Chrome throwing a "Security error". The same works in Firefox(7.0.1) though.

Its due to the local file security restriction Google Chrome has imposed upon the developers. This local files security restriction really takes a toll on quick dev-testings!

Put the HTML on a web-server, the issue is resolved. No web-server? try on Firefox! --allow-file-access-from-files option never really worked for me!

Best, Sridhar

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