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Is this possible? creating an application that a person can add details or announcement via CMS?

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By CMS do you mean a content management system? –  Devin M Aug 11 '11 at 8:24
yes, they will change/add somethings on the running android app –  mikedroid Aug 11 '11 at 8:57
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In case your CMS is exposing the webservices, you can consume the XML/JSON responses you get from the server on your application and show the relevant data(details.announcements in your case).

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that's what i thought but it also means i will request that service everytime, so i need a service for those? –  mikedroid Aug 11 '11 at 8:55
i also think C2DMF is the answer for all of these? –  mikedroid Aug 11 '11 at 9:47
C2DMF is not available for developers in all countries i guess..... –  Amol Gupta Aug 11 '11 at 11:00
i don't think so. can you provide a link that say so? –  mikedroid Aug 11 '11 at 11:24
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You could take a look at our JSON-based StorageRoom CMS, we built it exactly for this use case.

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