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We use the trac project management software. I want to be able to prevent certain wiki pages appearing in the trac search results. For example, some developers keep timesheets in the wiki and they contain a lot of keywords but never much useful documentation.

Is there a way to configure trac to ignore a list of wiki pages?

For reference, this is what I currently have in the [search] and [wiki] sections of my trac.ini:

default_disabled_filters = changeset, milestone
min_query_length = 3

ignore_missing_pages = false
max_size = 262144
render_unsafe_content = true
split_page_names = false
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You can't do that out-of-the-box, and I don't know of a plugin that allows to do that. You would have to write a small plugin that monkey-patches the method get_search_results() of WikiModule (see here) and filters the results (probably by matching the URL, which would be a bit of a hack).

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