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I have a window that contains a resizable viewbox with a uniform stretch. The window frame however does not stretch uniformly. So when someone resizes the form gaps of whitespace open up along one or another edge of the form. Looks bad. Any way to force the window to only expand uniformly? (or another way to look at it, lock it to the viewbox boundaries)

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Look at the ResizeMode option in MainWindow property. Set as NoResize window size will not change at run.

You can set this as CanMinimize, CanResize & CanResizeWithGrip.

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This isn't quite what I was looking for, but +1 –  Jeff Jul 25 at 15:30
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Found a workable solution in Tiggerizzy's answer to this question:

How Can I Only Allow Uniform Resizing in a WPF Window?

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