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I want to implement RSA encrytion/decryption in my App.I googled around the net to find any Library or Classes which perform the RSA encryption/decryption algorithm,but was not able to find any suitable link.I know i can use the SecKeyGeneratePair provided by Apple to generate the private public key pair.But it is a necessity for me to use the RSA algorithm as i want to implement it over client-server network.So the Algorithm needs to common amongst the parties.

Please provide some valuable info.



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can you please post your code how did you generated RSA encryption using SecKeyEncrypt. I am stuck in that. Please help if possible. – Janak Nirmal Aug 9 '12 at 8:33
HI can you please guide me how you have implemented RSA using SecKeyDecrypt & SecKeyEncrypt function?? Please help me and share your code if possible. Thank you... – Nitesh Meshram May 24 '13 at 7:17

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Isn't that what SecKeyEncrypt and SecKeyDecrypt functions do?

The functions SecKeyEncrypt and SecKeyDecrypt uses the RSA keys you got from SecKeyGeneratePair.

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