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I m use to ASP.NET with masterpage and session. i put the menu in masterpage. After sucsessfuly login i save the variable in session.

Now i m working with Winform. the Session i replace with variable
and the master page i replace with Form

so after succsseuly login i save in the variable insted of Session and use the menu strip to switch off and on the panel.

public partial class Principale : Form
    static string _ClientId;
    public static string ClientId
        get { return _ClientId; }
        set { _ClientId = value; }

    LeOrdre_BL oOrdre_BL = new LeOrdre_BL();
    LeOrdreStatut_Entite_BL oOrdreStat_BL = new LeOrdreStatut_Entite_BL();

    public Principale()
        ClientId = LoginData.Trim().Substring(0, LoginData.Trim().Length - 1);

    private void ordreToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    private void magasinierToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    public void GetDataOrdre()

            bindingSource_OdreStatus.DataSource = oOrdreStat_BL.Get_All_OrdreStatut();
            STATUT_ORDRE.DataSource = bindingSource_OdreStatus;
            STATUT_ORDRE.DisplayMember = "LIBELLE";
            STATUT_ORDRE.ValueMember = "NO";

            bindingSource_Ordre.DataSource = oOrdre_BL.Get_Ordre_BL();               
            dataGridView_ordre.DataSource = bindingSource_Ordre;
            dataGridView_ordre.DataMember = "OrdreTable";

        catch (Exception excThrown)
            lbl_Princ_Err.Text = excThrown.Message;

Am i in the right way to do this or Do you have another idea to replace ASP.NET Masterpage in Winform ?

Thanx in advance

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This works fine if you want to keep your panels in the same form, but are you sure it wouldn't be better to open a new form instead of changing the content of the Principale one? – Otiel Aug 11 '11 at 9:33

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Have you tried using an MdiContainer. The user state could be stored as a variable in the form that is the mdi container?

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Thanx for your response. Now i m using MDIContainer. My new question are: 1. How can i pass the varaible from parent to child ? 2.How can i prohibited to open more than 1 window with the same Name (That means in my MenuStrip there are Ordre,Tarif,Config... when user already open the Ordre, when he click again it not open a new window/created a new child but pointed to the ordre window that already open) ? Thanx before.... – user609511 Aug 11 '11 at 11:20
When you create the child form, make the child form take parameters... for example in the the mdi container... var customerForm = new CustomerForm(foo, bar); customerForm.Show(); For more info take a look through this documentation... – Dom Aug 16 '11 at 10:05

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