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I have an image representation of graph made with .png images and -moz-border css trick (div id=gholder) I want that graph to be positioned as where the picture shows, And i did it using css position: absolute/relative tags, but im having problem using the two tag. When i use this css code

#gholder {
    float: left;
    bottom: 460px;
    left: 60%;
    position: relative;

The site shows a big space below the footer, is there a way to remove that big space when using the relative code?

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Please check this link...… – Master Stroke Aug 11 '11 at 9:23
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Relative positioning always leaves a space where the element originally was. If you use absolute it should work correctly.

`#gholder { bottom: 460px; left: 60%; position: absolute;}`

You also don't need the float tag.

If the problem is that you want the main content div lines to stretch to the width of both divs, I'd create a div which contains both the content and the graph, and set it to a defined width and have the top and bottom line in it.

Then inside that div define a width for your content div and position it, then do the same for the graph div.

Think that makes sense.

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