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I'm new with orchard.

To learn orchard module development, I am following documentation to try to create a commerce module.

The module consists of product part and product type, which has product part.

When I try to save data in following method:

public ActionResult Create(FormCollection input)
        var product = contentManager.New<ProductPart>("Product");
        product.Description = input["Description"];
        product.Sku = input["Sku"];
        product.Price =Convert.ToDecimal(input["Price"]);

        if (!ModelState.IsValid)
            return View(product);


        return RedirectToAction("Index");

I am getting an error that specific cast is Invalid and part(ContentPart) is null.

public static T New<T>(this IContentManager manager, string contentType)
 where T : class, IContent {
        var contentItem = manager.New(contentType);
        if (contentItem == null)
            return null;

        var part = contentItem.Get<T>();
        if (part == null)
            throw new InvalidCastException();

        return part;

I used content type Product and I have ProductRecord class for storage data, as below:

public class ProductRecord:ContentPartRecord
   // public virtual int Id { get; set; }

    public virtual string Sku { get; set; }

    public virtual string Description { get; set; }

    public virtual decimal Price { get; set; }


public class ProductPart : ContentPart<ProductRecord>
    public int Id
        get { return Record.Id; }
        set{Record.Id = value;}

    public  string Sku
        get { return Record.Sku; }
        set { Record.Sku = value; }

    public  string Description 
        get { return Record.Description; }
        set{ Record.Description = value;}

    public  decimal Price 
        get { return Record.Price; }
        set { Record.Price = value; }


Can anybody tell me what my problem is?

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possible dup - stackoverflow.com/questions/7006932/… – Nicholas Mayne Aug 28 '11 at 21:30

I'm just guessing, but did you declare your record and your ContentType in migration.cs? If you didn't, the content management will be unable to create a content item with your type as it will not know the type in question.

Your migration.cs should look somehow like that:

public class Migrations : DataMigrationImpl

    public int Create()
            table =>

        ContentDefinitionManager.AlterTypeDefinition("Product", cfg => cfg.WithPart("ProductPart"));

        return 1;

On a side note, the naming convention in Orchard is to name the record for a part XXXPartRecord. I don't think your problem lies there though.

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You could try generating a similar part using the command line utility by pszmyd and whats different.


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I have mentioned this in you other thread.. Orchard Content Type is null

you need

  1. Migrations

    public class Migrations : DataMigrationImpl {

    public int Create() {
            table => table
            cfg => cfg
  2. Repository

    public class ProductPartHandler : ContentHandler { public ProductPartHandler(IRepository repository) { Filters.Add(StorageFilter.For(repository)); }

Hope this helps

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